Managing Passwords

  • Morton College Network passwords must contain:

    • At least seven (7) characters
    • At least one (1) uppercase letter
    • One (1) number or character (e.g., "!," "@," "#," "$," etc.)

    An easy-to-remember formula for passwords that meets policy requirements

    1. Pick a name of a famous place or person with at least five (5) letters. Example: "Sinatra" (Note the capital "S" ).
    2. Add a character such as !"!," "@," "#," "$," to the front of the name: $Sinatra.
    3. Add a two or three digit number to the name: $S1natra23 

    This is only an example. Do not use this password!


    Locked Accounts

    If you type in your password incorrectly three times, your password will become locked. If you have problems logging in with your password, please contact the MIS Helpdesk at (708) 656-8000 Ext. 2444, submit a ticket to our online helpdesk, e-mail the helpdesk or visit us in Building B, Room 234.

    Changing Your Password

    For security purposes, passwords should be changed regularly. Passwords expire every 90 days.

    On Campus  

    • Log into a computer with your user ID and current password
    • Key Ctrl-Alt-Delete
    • Select Change Password
    • Follow the change password directions that display 
    • Go to
    • Click on Change Password
    • Follow the change password directions that display

    In order to change your password off-campus through the Panther Portal login screen, YOU MUST FIRST ENROLL in Password Self-Service.

    If you require assistance with enrolling, please call the Helpline at Extension 2444. You can also go to, click Password Self-Service and then click Enroll.