Fire Science Technology

  • Fire Science Technology coursework prepares students to pursue careers as modern firefighters – experts in fire prevention and suppression, emergency medicine, hazardous materials and issues related to arson.

    In addition, modern firefighters must be physically fit, be able to deal with people in crisis, think critically and communicate at a high level to a variety of audiences.

    While the work is demanding, a career in Fire Science technology can be rewarding – many positions offer competitive salaries and Fire Departments are estimating they will be replacing 50-55% of their current workforce in the next five years.

    Morton's Fire Science Technology coursework provides instruction in:

    • Fire behavior and extinguishment 
    • Fire prevention concepts
    • Fire detection technology
    • Strategy and tactics in emergency situations
    • Fire investigation
    • Hazardous materials
    • Fire officer leadership

    For more information on coursework and requirements, visit the Fire Science Technology Career Programs page.

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  • Fire Science Technology